Why are we in this business?

Our company was created by top experts in tax-deferred compensation (current clients include Microsoft, Cisco and Bank of New York Mellon).  Applying our expertise, we developed a best-in-class program that gives trial lawyers the same level of benefits and protections that corporate executives enjoy, providing a level of safety, service, and transparency that is unmatched across the industry.  It features the following:

Unmatched safety

Historically, fee deferral programs have been established by closely-held companies that lack the institutional backing and legal mechanisms required to assure the long-term security of the assets. They have also operated offshore and offered loans linked to deferrals, creating tax risks.  We have taken several steps to address these concerns.

·      Large, independent institutions assure accounts are accurate and managed appropriately

·      “Single-purpose entity” status prohibits unrelated activities that could impact assets

·      Onshore domicile and bona fide loans eliminate aforementioned tax risks

Institutional backing

Our program is backed by The Newport Group and Bank of New York Mellon:

Newport, the largest administrator of executive deferred compensation plans in the country, serves as administrator of our program, providing independent recordkeeping subject to institutional-level controls and audits, so you know your accounts are accurate.

BNY Mellon, the largest trustee and custodian in the world, provides independent oversight and custody over the assets, so you know they are used appropriately for the duration of your fee deferral.

SUperior Service and transparency

You will have 24/7 access to your account through Newport’s online platform – the same one used by Fortune 500 executives.